ZIMI Chemicals., LTD.

Welcome to Zimi Chemicals Co., Ltd Website.

We specialize in chemicals for leather, food, electroplating, resins, glass fiber, water treatment and dye industries. Our chemicals are available for import, export, and domestic sale. Our tankers and trucks are available to supply you with the volume you need from our abundant inventories.

We hope that you will contact us for further information about our products and services. If you click on the button marked e-mail, you will find an e-mail enquiry for your conveniences. We will keep on updating this site at regular intervals for you to get the newest information about us.

Some of our most popular Chemical products and applications!

l       Aluminum Sulfate

l       Ammonium Persulfate

l       Chromic Acid

l       Phosphoric Acid

l       Poly Aluminum Chloride

l       Potassium Bichromate
l       Potassium Carbonate &
      Potassium Hydroxide
l       Potassium Persulfate

l       Sodium Gluconate

l       Sodium Hexametaphosphate

l       Sodium Hyphosphaite
l       Sodium Metasilicate
l       Sodium Persulfate
l       Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous

l       Sodium Tri Pocyphosphate

l       Tetra Pyrophosphate


Tel: (02)2251-51512252-7121 Head office: 14F. No.268 Wen Hwa Road,
Sec.1 Panchiao City, Taipei Hsien,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
FAX: (02)2253-76482252-7110
Warehouse: No.15-1 Suitui Pu Ding Villige,
Sinwu Couritory, Taoyuan Hsien,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
E-MAIL:   zimigp@tpts6.seed.net.tw